Driving With Food This Winter? Try Our Tips!

Many of you are going to be going away for the holiday season, but it won't be so far that you need to take a plane. If you've ever driven with young children or teens that attempt to rush down a bowl of cereal on the way to school, you know how damaging the milk can be to yourself and your car. Reduce spills with a little help from our team!

This holiday season, you’ll probably be traveling with food items for a potluck or perhaps your passengers will want to snack on something during a road trip. If you have a new car, you should put your food in spill-proof or wrapped containers. It’s also important to make sure that you use an air-tight container to contain meat and the juices of more savory delights.

If you have extra seats, you can use them to hold less messy things like pizza or baked goods in your car. Driving with food is something you can only perfect with experience. If you want some assistance, be sure to ask our guides at Parkway Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram here in Dover, OH!

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