Poor Alignment Causes Many Avoidable Issues

What are common alignment issues? Your tires may not be lined up perfectly parallel with each other, leading to a variety of problems. Not only is a car that is out of alignment quite dangerous, it can be costly and damaging as well. To ensure that your vehicle is properly aligned, bring it into Parkway Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram today for a quick alignment check.

One of the problems caused by a poorly aligned vehicle is uneven or accelerated tire wear. You may notice that the tread on the driver and passenger side of the vehicle are at different depths. This is caused by the car pulling in one direction while driving. This can also affect the brake pads and rotors, with one side wearing out much quicker than the other.

These issues can become costly and even more severe very quickly. Do not neglect this easy repair, and bring your car into our auto service station in Dover, Ohio for alignment today.

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