As a three-row SUV, the Dodge Durango naturally has a powerful and robust platform to carry up to seven people. Selling new cars to customers in Dover, Parkway Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram presents the GT Plus, SXT Plus and other trims at the showroom.

A 5.7 L engine block with a conventional V8 design is optional in this Dodge SUV. Backed up by the iconic HEMI technology, this gas powertrain takes advantage of the Multi-Displacement System. Depending on the real-time driving conditions, the MDS regulates several parameters involving the cylinders and valves. Additional management is done by the Variable Valve Timing. You can also install a 6.4 L engine with the HEMI badge for even better performance. The VVT and MDS functions are included in this exclusive powertrain that's available in the high-level trims. Both V8 propulsion systems are connected to an eight-speed automatic transmission, which comes with a T-style shifter for enhanced ergonomics.



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