The 2019 RAM 2500 pickup is known and appreciated for its durability and raw power. That said, underneath all that power is a supportive and long-lasting high stress steel frame.

The RAM 2500 steel frame includes special hydroformed sections on both the front and rear of the chassis. These sections include 50,000 psi members made from solid steel. This special detail allows the frame to better support and connect with other parts of the suspension, thus increasing overall strength and stability. Plus, high - performance steel offers extra impact protection.

The 2019 RAM 2500 also includes other special details that make it a force on unpaved roads. It includes locking differentials in its design package, and these can come in handy for increasing traction on slippery trails. It also boasts a specialized sway bar in the front that minimizes unwanted vehicle motion and maximizes driver control.



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