Dodge Durango: Admirable Interior Features and Connectivity

March 3rd, 2022 by

Both the driver and the passengers on the Dodge Durango will experience the exhilarating ambiance created by the advanced technology features in this SUV. The Dodge Durango is equipped with high-end connectivity features that distinguish it from its peers in the same class.

The interior of this top-of-the-line luxury SUV is just gorgeous. The innovative Uconnect function sets it apart from the competition in terms of connectivity. Remote start and roadside assist features are handled by the standard SiriusXM guardian. When this SUV stalls for whatever reason, these systems ensure that you don’t end up in a bad spot.

Android auto is also available on the Dodge Durango, allowing you to use your smartphone or other Android devices to stay in control of the vehicle. Additionally, a new navigation system is included with Uconnect to help you get to your desired location quickly and easily. The dashboard of the Dodge Durango places all the controls within easy reach.


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